7 Designer tips for choosing your perfect paint color

Did you ever bring home a paint color that you thought was perfect? Instead, what looked like a soft “Dove Grey,” morphed into “Battleship Grey” once you saw it on the actual wall?

Color is one of the easiest ways to give your home a fresh new look and yet, one of the most difficult to understand. Read the following 7 designer tips to make it easier to choose your color with confidence:

Balance Color
Repeat a color evenly throughout your room. Take a visual scan and make sure that the room is not heavy with a certain color in any particular area. For instance, lets say you love the color red. You want to spread that color across the room in different ways. You might have red show up in a throw, or in an area rug, artwork, or red may be in your window dressing.

Add Color With Design Details
Picture mats
Pillows and throws

Always Look at a Paint Sample Vertically
Colors look different when light hits at various directions, so make sure the color is seen vertically as it will be viewed on the wall.

Be Aware That the Current Color of Your Wall Will Affect How a Sample Looks
In other words, if you are looking at a beige sample painted onto a rose-colored wall, the rose color may reflect onto the beige. The best way to view a sample is to paint it on a white background.

Look at the Paint Sample After it Dries
The color of paint can change drastically as it dries, so don’t make a decision until you see the paint completely dry (at least a few hours.)

Warm or Cool?
Decide on your preference of warm, cozy colors or cool soothing colors. Warm colors, like red, orange, and yellow, conveys strength and togetherness. While cool colors like purple, blues, and greens provide a fresh sense of calm.
Still not sure?
Look inside your clothes closet. Most people buy clothes in colors they like and feel good in. Choose paint colors similarly so you feel and look good in your home.

Overwhelmed by the Color After Painting?
Don’t be. Remember you are looking at an empty room devoid of any other color. It’s all you see. When you bring in the furniture, art, accessories, rug and window treatment, the paint color recedes and becomes a complimentary blend to the room as a whole.

I hope these tips help answer some questions and alleviate the stress of choosing colors for your home. Check back next week for “The Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Choosing Colors.”

If you’re having trouble in choosing a color, email me and I’ll find an answer for you.

Until next time.

Warmest regards,


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