May 30th, 2010

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  1. joan smith says:

    My husband and I are going to be snow birds, 6months in Scottsdale and 6 in Seattle, and have recently downsized from our beautiful Dash pt. view home of 4,000 sq. ft to a town home in Madera, Lakeland Hills, WA. Although I have a degree in art and am a pretty good decorator, I would like to have someone help me with ideas on how to fit most of the furniture I have into 17sq ft. and make it look wonderful and inviting. I think what I need is just a few hours of consultation with you regarding placement of furniture and colors. I’m just wondering what you would charge for that?
    Thanks, Joan Smith

  2. Rose Carnase says:


    I’m desperately wanting to turn my house into a “comfortable home”. My husband bought the place as a new construction roughly 4 years ago and I moved in one year ago. It still has all of it’s walls white and barely any decoration. We are expecting our first baby in February and would love to have it perfect by the time the baby comes. We tried painting the living room.. but I’m already sick of the color and feel we picked wrong… we need help! We also need help in figuring out the layout of the living room… we have a few things we love but not enough. I’m very interested in your services and everything I see in the gallery looks wonderful! We live in North Kent, WA.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


  3. Patrice Conley says:

    My daughter & her husband built a Mainview 4000+sf home 2 years ago. Last December, she had her first baby. She wants to decorate (finish) her house room by room starting with her master bedroom. She wants to have someone help her design her room for Xmas a present. How can we consult with you?

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Begin the process of decorating your home or work space with Nancy Meadows...