Welcome Home!

You Deserve a “Just Right” Home that Welcomes You in at the End of Each Busy Day and Serves as Your Very Own Sanctuary from the Stresses of Everyday Life!

What if you could come home each day to a space that practically wraps its arms around you to offer comfort and relaxation?

What if by simply concentrating on WHO you really are, WHAT you most desire, and WHERE you are in your life right now, the unique blueprint for your perfect home would begin to unfold before your very own eyes?

What if you could enjoy a home that not only feels like you but into which you’re also proud to invite friends and loved ones?

It’s all possible with  Mindful Interior Design, and it’s what I do to help heartfelt women like you to create living spaces that are soulful, beautiful, and functional all at once.


It’s about creative spaces and environments that are experienced as beautiful, intentional, supportive, a joy to be in, and a pleasure to share!

My name is Nancy Meadows, Lifestyle Interior Designer and Certified Design Psychology Coach. I approach my work a bit differently from other, “one-size-fits-all” designers, though. I approach design from an environmental, behavioral perspective. Which means that each project is custom-tailored to the wants, style, and needs of you, my client. So that you end up with a space you love to come home to, day after day.

It’s not about an interior designer’s formula or what you see on cable T.V.

Forget the glossy design books and magazines for a moment. Forget the “what you should do’s” and all you may have learned about interior design.


Your home may not be supporting who you are and how you want to experience your life

– Does your home make you feel anxious because of excess clutter or a feeling like there’s always too much to do?

– Is your home tired-looking, but you don’t know how to “fix” it?

– Do you wish you knew how to make your home the supportive place it’s meant to be for you and all who live there?

– Does it seem like you can never find what you need when you need it, which causes you to be constantly running late or keeps you from finishing projects?


It all comes from focusing on what makes you feel good.

What if you surrounded yourself with colors that instantly lift your mood?

What if you covered your walls with  artwork that makes your heart sing?

What if you filled your home with scents that immediately bring to mind wonderful memories?

Mindful Interior Design is about creating living spaces that support the way you truly wish to live!

Creating your “just right” home requires mindful thought more so than effort and expense! I can help you achieve the living space that you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of your interior design know-how or budget.



♥ Living spaces that support how you ACTUALLY live in your home.

♥ A home where you enjoy your true life and can be most deeply yourself.

♥ You will discover the unconscious triggers that allow you to feel good in your home.

♥ You will find a new clarity and focus for how you and your family can achieve the ultimate fulfillment from the way you design and set up your home.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!

You will find new clarity and focus.

My direct lines:

(h) 425.827.3127

(c) 253.656.5138

Email: me@nancymeadowsdesigns.com

Serving The Greater Seattle Area

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